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Titus Consulting

Titus MRF Services is a custom fabrication and control services company that specializes in waste and the recycling management industry. With our 25 years experience and our dedicated teams ,we have to ability to take on any challenge no matter the size

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 For the following types of material recovery facilities:

  • Single Stream Curbside sort lines

  • Commercial Single Stream Curbside sort lines

  • Secondary Material Recovery facilities with an emphasis on sorting small format materials as well as mixed plastics.

  • Glass Beneficiating Processing Equipment

  • Construction and Demolition of Plants

  • Waste to energy facilities

  • MSW Sort plants

  • Wood or Green waste processing lines

  • Plastics Reclaiming facilities pre process and full industrial service installations

Titus Specializes in Existing Plant Retrofits

full system

Design Engineering

With our experienced design and engineering team we have over 50 years of experience in designing recycling equipment and systems. With our experience we are confident we can work with you to realize the potential of your facility.

Let us help

Titus will send a technical team to evaluate your facility and work with your staff to design modifications and scheduled services (optical sort installs, relines, belt replacements, glass cleaning systems)

Teams will be scheduled around the clock to get the work done with the least amount of shut down time.

installation team


Our retrofit packages include adding an OCC screen extending your pre-sort, adding a glass cleaning machine, removing small fiber before your container line, and adding optical sorters to improve yield and reduce labor. 


Maintenance and Troubleshooting

In an emergency you can depend on us to get you up and running. Once your plant is running, you can rely on us for regular scheduled maintenance. We will keep your plant running like a well oiled machine, reducing down time and extending the life of your equipment.

Our company provides scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Circulus system


Titus will evaluate your project goals and existing systems and then look to combine the old and new equipment to maximize your budget.

We review your current design and equipment in order to keep all as much existing equipment as possible moving forward.

& Automation

Our company specializes in our own control panels to help you promote trouble shooting and system connections, better control of your system through a touch screen interface to efficiently for your facility. While being a UL Certified Panel Shop, we also provide other control panels that are more specific to certain applications.


Standard Titus Control Panel NEMA 12/4

Standard Control Panel NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 as required. Enclosure brands Saginaw, Rittal.

All systems include at least 2 touch screens for redundancy. One remote and one mounted on MCC door. Sizes vary from 10” to 19” displays.

We are a UL508A certified panel shop. All panels leave our shop with its UL mark


Standard Titus Fixed Motor Control

Reduces 80% of wiring compared to traditional starters, allowing for faster assembly times and ease of troubleshooting.

Has “Remote Fault reset” from touch screen, eliminating necessity to access control panel to reset tripped motor protector. One starter model is configurable for a range from 2 HP to 10 HP motors. This model Reduces inventory and spare parts required.

Uses a remote motor current draw display on touch screen. This eliminates the need to work on a live panel to check current draws on motors with amp prove or meter.

Allows signaling of premature motor overloading by displaying a Warning signal on touch screen. You can replace starter with new without having to disconnect any wires.


Standard Titus Safety Integrated PLC

Safety integrated PLC with safety input and output cards (Cards with Yellow labels). This allows for distributed Safety I/O racks that eliminate long wire runs to main control panel.

It is fully expandable reducing          installation time and programming.

It also provides a single point of connection from safety device i.e. estop push button and PLC input card.

This allows faster trouble shooting times. A single LED will let you know the status of the circuit.


Our PLCs come with Ethernet and profibus communication ports.

All touch screens communicate over Ethernet and we also supply as a standard a remote Ethernet gateway for remote accessing and troubleshooting.


Standard Titus Control Panel

All control panels include about 25% available space for expansion. Reducing installation and programming costs for future additions.


Titus Standard Motor Speed Control

Excellent for remote troubleshooting and fast commissioning.

User friendly keypad with parameter description. Easily switchable from Local (Keypad) and remote (System touch screen) selection key on display. No necessity to change any parameter.

All drives are controlled and monitor via Profibus communication technology. Eliminating excess control wires, fast assembly and ease of troubleshooting.

All drives include built-in line reactor for drive protection. Parameter back up on drives keypad.


Other controls

-Titus Standard Electrical Installation

-Typical Titus Touch Screen Control Screens

-Typical Titus Touch Screen Control Screens

-Standard Titus Power Distribution & PLC

Standard Titus Power Distribution

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