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Titus Innovation

Superior Technology makes your Sorting Systems Better. Whether you’re in the market for a new system, or simply want to improve on what you have, Titus Services will provide a solution that is just right for you!

Patent: US 7188730 B2 – Glass Cleaning System – Issued  March 13th, 2007

Enables between 50 and 85% of the initial sub four inch material to be recycled and not added to landfills. The invented apparatus has utility for the waste recycler and benefit to the environment.

Previous workers in the field have not understood the advantages of using shaker screens and methodically arranging the sequence of classification to enable economic recovery. 


Patent: US 8813972 B1 – 2nd Run Recovery System – Issued August 26, 2014

The instant invention uses air for separation; this air separation significantly reduces ongoing maintenance costs associated with disc screen separation or that of ballistic separation.

Annual costs savings using the instant invention are projected to exceed $90,000 per year per equivalent disc screen unit.

There are currently two other streams that conventional MRFs do not process or separate; the instant invention discloses a method to economically sort low critical mass and/or low volume materials that represent the majority of these streams. The instant invention, also termed a “Semi-Portable Separation System”, enables separation of materials a MRF currently cannot afford to separate onsite.


Titus Skills Certification Program.

From new hire to fabricator to installer to MRF Technician, our Skills certification programs will provide you with the opportunities to grow your career. 


Intelligent Shut Down Services

Our team can retrofit your existing plant without a complete shut down of your facility.

References available upon request.


Check out this article written about Titus Innovation

"A study performed by Titus MRF Services of Danville, Calif., for the ACC concludes that collecting the back-end material from MRFs on a regional basis would give a secondary MRF the needed volume to pull out enough quality recyclables to support operations"

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